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Testimonials: Testimonials
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Delano Europa-Velasquez
Chairman of Board of Directors
Justice of the Peace

Trumpets of inclusion of all diversities havesounded and the call has to be responded to. Any divisive actions should eschewed and unacceptable attitudes destroying harmony should be avoided at all costs. Our goal is unity. 


E Pluribus unum 

("One from many")


Mina Pingol

McGill Student

I believe SOSA aims to promote the health and wellness of the elders in our communities. For me, working with them has been an extremely humbling experience, full of joy, laughter, dancing and singing! 

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Alma Benemerito

General Member

Both of my parents were politicians back home in the Philippines. When you come from a political background, you recognize what true leadership is like. I believe in Carol's honesty and integrity. With her as SOSA's president, we know she is there to help us.  


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Tom Stratigos

General Member

SOSA improves our mental, physical and spiritual well-being!

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Elvira Garcia


I hope SOSA will continue to grow for the next decade. I highly encourage other seniors to join us in our social activities. 


Ditas Boctor

External Affairs Coordinator

Never give up and always try again! If others can do it, why not seniors? 

When I come home from SOSA's activities, I feel healthier and happier. 

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Peter Lee

General Member

I look forward to line dancing on Saturdays. To me, it is a great form of exercise that sparks joy and enthusiasm. It brings people together. 


Jennifer Reid

General Member

I really enjoy coming to SOSA. Every time I go, I leave feeling satisfied and fulfilled. It is a very beautiful organization to be a part of. 

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Virginia Redondo

General Member

SOSA is like a physical and mental booster that caters to seniors who are in the twilight of their years. 

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