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Due to COVID-19, SOSA has adjusted its services.
For more information, please visit our COVID-19 page.


SOSA offers a range of activities to promote the social, physical and emotional well-being for our members. Scheduled trips are also held for members to come together and enjoy.

​*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, SOSA has moved its programming to online platform. Through Zoom, members continue to communicate, see each other and share each other's
COVID-19 experience.*

Activities Include:

  • Line Dancing

  • Zumba Dancing

  • Belly Dancing

  • Folk Dancing

  • Hula Dance Exercise

  • Meditation for Health

  • Choral Group Singing

  • Instrumental and Musical Group​ (Rondalla and Ukulele Ensemble)​

  • Day and Weekend Trips and Tours*

  • Participation and Performance in Community Events and Festivals

  • Fundraising Dinner Dances Held 3X a Year (Valentines Day, SOSA Anniversary, Christmas)

About Trips:

  • SOSA's Trips help promote the social wellbeing, mental and emotional health of our members.

  • Scheduled Day and Weekend Trips are offered to members to participate, take a break from babysitting grandchildren and most of all to have fun!  

If you are interested to learn about our current programs and activities, please contact Carol Banez at (416)-453-9348.

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