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Philippine Independence Day Performance

The Scarborough Ontario Seniors Association's rondalla performs the very popular "Mabuhay" and "O Naraniag a Bulan" during a morning reception hosted by the Philippine Consulate General at its premises on Sunday, June 12, 2016 on the occasion of the 118th anniversary of Philippine independence from Spain.

Sarung Banggi

The SOSA Rondalla plays "SARUNG BANGGI." A very famous Filipino Folk Music from Bicol Region. Compiled from Lawrence Santiago's original arrangement


The SOSA Rondalla plays "LULAY." A Filipino Folk Music played in a traditional 14 stringed Philippine instruments Banduria, Laud, Octabina with Guitar and Bass.

Leron, Leron Sinta

The SOSA Rondalla plays "Leron, Leron Sinta."

Pilipinas Kong Mahal

The SOSA Rondalla ensemble of Toronto ON., Canada plays "Pilipinas Kong Mahal."

Naranyag Nga Bulan

The SOSA Rondalla ensemble of Toronto ON., Canada plays "Naranyag Nga Bulan."


Filipiniana Medley

The SOSA Choral Group sings several traditional filipino songs. 

Minamahal Kita

The SOSA Choral Group sing Minamahal Kita by Mike Velarde.


SOSA Choral Group perform IKAW by George Canseco and Louie Ocampo for "Iskuwelahang Filipino in Boston, Massachusettes.

Pintasan Cover

The SOSA Choral Group performed an original Filipino Music Pintasan. Because of so little information about the author of this musical piece I cannot acknowledge and give credit to the composer and the lyricist of this song. Pintasan was originally recorded by "The Mabuhay Singers" as a novelty song.

Goodness of God

SOSA's Choral version of Goodness of God.

Line Dancing

Tango and Sheriff Line Dance

SOSA Western Night dinner and dance at the Malvern Community Centre on June 11, 2011

Christmas Performance

The SOSA Line Dancers perform at their Annual Christmas Dinner and Dance at the Garnet A. Williams Community Centre

Line Dance Performance

The SOSA Line Dancers perform on October 21, 2018

Berta Line Dance

The SOSA Line Dancers perform for their Western Night party at Malvern Community Centre Scarborough

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