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Bel Moreno

Music Director

Belarmino (Bel) Moreno is a Composer, Arranger, Teacher and Musical Director of SOSA. Bel was born on July 12 in Manila, Philippines. Bel has worked their entire life as a professional Musician in the Philippine Music industry and some other parts of the world such as Japan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and Brunei. 

Bel facilitates SOSA's Music Program, teaching the Bandurria, Octabina, Laud, Guitar, Ukulele and other instruments. In addition, Bel conducts SOSA's Chorale group.
Bel's aim for SOSA's program is to remind members that it is never too late to hone and develop their skills in Instrumental and Choral Music. After all, one of the many purposes of music is to develop a healthy and happy senior's life. For Bel, it is “To struggle for Happiness." 

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